Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Where are you located?
A. Our office/warehouse complex is located in Camp Hill, PA (suburb of Harrisburg). We also have locations in Gum Spring, VA, Rehoboth Beach, DE, Cincinnati, OH, Avoca, PA and Montvale, VA.

Q. Do you make your crab cakes yourself or purchase them from another company?
A. We make all our crab cakes from our own recipe in our inspected and fully approved facility.

Q. Do you have a restaurant?
A. No. We sell our ready to eat, fresh crab cakes and crab soup at festivals and shows. Check out Sherri’s on Facebook page for updates and locations where you can find us. (Remember to click “like” so you get regular updates of where we will be next.) We also sell our uncooked frozen products directly from our Camp Hill, PA facility and you can order our Crab Cake Kits to be shipped directly to you.

Q. Do you ship your products?
A. Yes. You can order our Crab Cake Kits and Heat & Eat Crab Cakes directly from our website.

Q. Do you ship frozen crab cakes?
A. YES. We ship our Crab Cake Kits for you to make fresh at home. We also ship our cooked frozen crab cakes on dry ice directly to you.

Q. Why don’t you ship frozen raw crab cakes to customers?
A. We use to ship frozen raw crab cakes to customers but problems with freshness and increased expenses associated with shipping a frozen product forced us to stop shipping frozen crab cakes. We do sell our frozen raw crab cakes to walk-in customers from our Camp Hill, PA facility. You also can order our Crab Cake Kits for you to make fresh Crab Cakes at home.

Q. Where do you get your crab meat from?
A. We buy crab meat in bulk from seafood distributors.

Q. Do you offer franchises for sale?
A. Yes, in markets where we are approved to sell franchises.Click here for more information or email us at

Q. Can I have the recipe?
A. Sorry, we cannot give out the recipe. But you can order our Crab Cake Kits which comes with our Maryland Style Crab Cake Mix made with the same recipe we serve at festivals.

Q. What temperature do you cook the crab cakes to?
A. There are different requirements for different health department jurisdictions, but in general we cook the crab cakes to a minimum internal temperature of 165 degrees for at least 15 seconds.

Q. Is the crab meat real?
A. Yes.We use real lump and jumbo lump crab meat.

Q. Do your crab cakes have onions or peppers in the recipe?
A. No.

Q. How much crab meat is in your crab cakes?
A. Approximately 70-75% consisting of a 50/50 mixture of lump and jumbo lump crab meat.

Q. Do your crab cakes have any other fish in them?
A. No. Only lump and jumbo lump crab meat.

Q. Do your crab cakes have filler in them?
A. We use a traditional Maryland style crab cake recipe that includes bread crumbs, mayonnaise, pasteurized eggs, spices and seasonings sometimes described as “filler”.

Q. Why don’t you use 100% crab meat?
A. We get this question occasionally and in our opinion that would not be a crab cake. It would be a pile of crab meat on the grill. We believe a traditional crab cake consists of crab meat, spices, seasonings, bread crumbs all held together with mayonnaise and eggs (along with a few other ingredients).

Q. Why don’t you use all jumbo lump crab meat?
A. If we used all jumbo lump crab meat we would have to charge $15+ each for our crab cakes and we feel that is too much to charge at the festivals and events we participate in.

Q. Why do you charge different prices for your crab cakes at different events?
A. Our base price for a crab cake is currently $10 each but at some shows where the fee to participate or our other costs are higher than normal we may charge more to cover the cost of the higher expenses.

Q: How do you cook the crab cakes?
A: We grill our Crab Cakes at festivals to a golden brown and serve them to you hot and fresh off the grill.

Q: I bought your Crab Cake Kit. How do I prepare and cook them?
A: You can find our simple, step-by-step directions by clicking here.

Q: I bought frozen Crab Cakes or Cream of Crab Soup from your Camp Hill, PA location. How do I cook them?
A: Click here for easy to follow cooking and reheating instructions.

Q: Can I order your Crab Cake Kits if I live outside of the contiguous United States?
A: We only ship our Crab Cake Kits to addresses within the 48 contiguous states and Washington DC. Due to problems with freshness and the increased shipping expenses we cannot ship any products to Alaska, Hawaii or any other location outside of the contiguous United States.

Q: What are your shipping charges for the Crab Cake Kits?
A: Shipping is free to all states within two-day ground service of our Camp Hill, PA facility which includes all states east of the Mississippi River except for Mississippi. Shipping for all other states is calculated at time of shipping and we only charge you exactly what we pay.

Have questions or comments?

If you have any additional comments or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. We would be incredibly happy to answer any further questions you may have.