Sherris Fresh Crab Cakes Stand at Festival

Fresh Crab Cake Sandwiches

At Sherri’s, we specialize in making and selling one product: Crab Cakes. Since 1996, we have sold over 1 million Crab Cakes from New England to Florida. We bring a unique, delicious and upscale product to the festivals and to our customers. We pride ourselves on our product which is always made fresh. Our high-quality Crab Cakes come loaded with real lump and jumbo lump crab meat mixed with our signature spice mix. And, our Crab Cakes are always grilled to a golden brown and serves hot and fresh off the grill!



See why we are commonly invited to corporate events and festivals all over!

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Brittney A.

We had crab cake sandwiches at the hot sauce festival this past weekend in Oxford, NC. These are hands down the best crab cakes I’ve tasted.

Emma K.

The absolute best crab cake I have ever had with an amazing sauce! We had Sherri’s crab cakes at the watermelon festival in Richmond, Virginia and the workers were so kind and fun!

Traci B.

Just received my order. So excited. Will be surprising my husband for Sunday Dinner! Wow! Can’t wait!

Trish R.

Hands down best crab cake I have had in a very long time:) very clean stand! Great people working it! Thanks Sherri for the awesomely un-expected festival crab cake

Michelle S.

I tried your crabcakes at the Del Ray Art Fest in Alexandria, VA on October 7. They were AMAZING!!! 99% crab and just enough filler to hold it together. Y.U.M.!!!

Tammy P.

We went to the Wing Festival in Roanoke Virginia today. You couldn’t have convinced me I would find a good crabcake in the mountains of Virginia but Sherri’s proved me wrong.

Erica B.

OMG! Sherri’s crab cakes are definitely one of the best crab cakes my husband and I have ever eaten. They was at the National Harbor Crab and Beer Festival in Maryland Aug 19th. Had I known we would have a love affair with these cakes, I would’ve gotten several more to go.

Jennifer H.

I had my first crab cake sandwich on the 4th of July in Lititz. It was amazing! I went back to the craft show in Lititz first thing in the morning specifically to get more.

Clelia N.

I had one of these for the fist time yesterday at a Festival in Downtown Clayton and it was amazing!!!! Being from Maryland it is so hard to find good seafood in NC